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I'm Ashley-- the founder of The Center for Children's Book Arts-- and this is my family, all of whom are very much co-founders!

My background is in Humanities education-- I've taught high school Language Arts, History, and Visual Art for several years, and, most recently, Children's Literature at the University level.  I also work as a letterpress printer on an old, 1890's Chandler and Price platen press. The intercept of these two realms is where my passion lies-- the art of illustrated literature in printed texts. 


I find such joy building and sharing this love with my children and have seen how it has positively affected them emotionally, academically, even spiritually, in a world of screens, and cheap, overstimulating  entertainment.  I want to share this love I have of identifying high-quality, beautifully created books to support your home literacy culture also!

Join us in preserving the skills and JOY that accompanies good, printed books.

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